Sunday, 9 September 2012

This is amazing! I've just updated my graphics card drivers to the latest ones from Nvidia (131.42). My fps have doubled!

I'm testing the Consolidation with all in-game graphics options on their highest settings, except for passenger density which is low (I can't stand the clones). I also unticked low quality shadows and depth of field. I'm running RW in full screen mode, at 1920x1200, Anisotropic x8 texture filtering, Anti-Aliasing MSAA x8 with post-processing. I also ticked multi-core and 30FPS Lock, as well as the audio options (Enable EAX and Enable Software Mixing, even though I have no idea what that does).

I have a system I bought in 2009, with quad NTX-295, 12GB RAM, and two SSDs in RAID 0.

In the Nvidia control panel, in "Manage 3D Settings", for railworksproc2.exe, I've got it as:

Anisotropic filtering: Application-controlled
Antialiasing - FXAA: Off
Antialiasing - Gamma correction: Off
Antialiasing - Mode: Application-controlled
Antialiasing - Setting: Application-controlled
Antialiasing - Transparency: Off
CUDA - GPUs: All
Maximum pre-rendered frames: 3
Multi-display/mixed-GPU acceleration: single display
Power management mode: adaptive
Texture filtering - Anisotropic sample optimization: Off
Texture filtering - negative LOD bias: Clamp
Texture filtering - Quality: High quality
Texture filtering - Trilinear optimization: On
Threaded optimization: Auto
Triple buffering: On
Texture filtering - Anisotropic filter optimization: Off
Vertical sync: On

In the exact same scenario as before, at Altoona on the HSC, instead of the fps dropping to 17 in some instances, or lower than 14 when the F4 drive-by view camera passes through the smoke from the stack, it now stays locked at between 29 and 30 all the time!!! It's amazingly smooth.

If I unlock the 30 FPS, it actually stays around 35 while looking at the loco puffing out smoke in Altoona.

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