Friday, 5 October 2012

Solved the problem with the chuffing sounds

Slow progress over the last week while trying to work out how to get the chuffing sounds to be heard, but tonight I cracked it. I think I'm still on target for finishing version 1.0 of the Consolidation in time for the Christmas holidays.

The lights are all working wonderfully. The classification lights can be switched between off, white, red and green. The headlights, on the loco and on the tender, can be switched between off, dim and full, independently of each other (you can even have them both on at the same time if you really want to). The full beam complies with regulations and illuminates a man placed 800 feet in front of the loco. Dim gives off a yellow light and a weaker beam of course. The loco numbers on the headlights are also illuminated (dim and bright).

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